NOVA HiTech is provides support services to businesses located in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and beyond. We are a group of certified IT professionals here to support you at all levels of Information Technology. Let NOVA HiTech manage and protect your IT infrastructure so you can focus on running your business! When a security threat from a worm or virus attacks a company, the compromise occurs to servers and computers that are left unmanaged. With the properly managed security measures and policies in place, most of the security attacks on companies are preventable.

Are your servers highly available and reliable?

Will you continue to have service if a system component fails?

Can you minimize any down-time and remain 100% operational?

Is your data being backed up?

Do you have proper security controls in place?

Have you considered whether a cloud provider can remediate your issues?

If you answered NO to any or all the questions above, then we can help!

NOVA HiTech can support your network, servers and computers on your premises or help you transition and manage your IT services on the cloud. Our processes are streamlined to help businesses just like yours to make IT more reliable and highly available.

With our guarantee of 99.999% on all of our cloud services to include: phone, email, encryption, archiving and file backup you can rest assured that your data is always available.

Cloud computing is a big shift from traditional way of how we store IT services. Why is cloud so popular?  There are many reasons, here are few of them:

  • Cost: Cloud computing eliminates the upfront cost of purchasing the hardware, the software, capital expense of running the server to include, power, cooling, network and then someone to manage the server and it all adds up very fast!
  • Reliability: Cloud computing makes data much more reliable with hardware redundancy, backups and disaster recovery all built-in.
  • Productivity: With cloud computing, you no longer have to worry about day-to-day management of your equipment, security and equipment upgrades and you can spend your time more efficiently on running the tasks that matter to you most!
  • Access from Anywhere: Cloud computing allows you the ability to access the same data from no matter where you are in the world just from your fingertips.

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Your data on the cloud is stored in logical pool that at times spans multiple servers, multiple storage units and across multiple data centers. This is to make sure that your data is highly resilient and available. Backups happen as soon as there is any change to the data, hence you are always covered! All of the data centers that we use go through its regular third party audit and are all HIPAA compliant.

Managed IT services allows you to outsource your IT department to an external company. A Managed IT company then comes in and is your first point of contact if you run into any IT issues. If you like to keep your servers on premise, we can still help you out. NOVA HiTech will manage your day-to-day operations of your servers to make sure that your servers are secured and optimized. We can also do an audit of your current infrastructure and provide you recommendations as how you can improve the performance.

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NOVA HiTech will manage your information infrastructure while delivering unparalleled service and support every step of the way. Count on NOVA HiTech to maintain laptops, desktops and improve mobility solutions to support your business profitability.


24/7x365 support by certified technicians for all of your IT needs!

Always There For You

Whether you need user, server or network support, we are here throughout the clock to serve you!

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We offer email, voice and conferencing, file services, backups and much more!

Taking Care of Business

NOVA HiTech can host email, phone and file services all on the cloud or on premise while maintaining daily backups

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We make security our top priority on every single assessment.

Power of the cloud

We perform regular audits and up-to-date security controls on all servers on the cloud or on premise.

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Take a step towards stabilization and move your IT services to NOVA HiTech. In this highly connected world, threats to the security of your data are increasing and are everywhere.  These threats range from system wide viruses, worms, spyware and spear phishing. Let us protect you! Our cloud is secure, encrypted, highly reliable and fully optimized and comes with our 99.999% up-time guarantee!

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